Face and Body Painting in London Area

After much research, learning, and followed by a lot of practice, I purchased my first set of paints that are FDA and EU compliant, have not been tested on animals, and are vegan friendly. Safe to use on children and adults as make-up or to create wonderful face and body art. The glycerine and paraffin wax based paints are free of harmful perfumes, sulfates and dying agents, which allow them to be used on sensitive skin. 

In May 2014 I did my very first Belly Painting and absolutely loved every bit of it! Then in August 2014 I did my first face painting event and several fundraisers to build my confidence and experience. As I continued to build my portfolio I realized my passion for photography has become focused on Maternity Belly Paintings and most of my other photography sessions began to take a back burner.

After some serious thought to the name of my business I decided to make the switch from "Tranquil Photography" to a much more focused avenue and passion true to my heart "Painted Skinz" in March 2015. 

Thanks to all of you I can still be a stay at home Mom most days and work at, build and pursue doing something I am passionate about and truly enjoy. My clients gain a unique experience and memories for a lifetime.. Thank you for all the love and support and I hope you all continue to follow me on this journey and enjoy my artwork! Farewell to my Tranquil Photography with a bittersweet Goodbye but I present to all of you the new Painted Skinz!

Here is a little about me and how Painted Skinz came about!

Many ago I started up my photography business part time (full time Mom), some of you may have heard of it "Tranquil Photography" and was loving every bit of being a photographer, meeting clients and capturing their memories.

Then in March 2014 I worked with a fellow face painter on a maternity belly painting session and after that session, my first experience watching a painter with her first belly art, she suggested I give it a go since I already have a history loving art and painting and well... I did!